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We deliver business results...not just marketing results.

We are a no B.S. marketing firm focused on deep insights, thoughtful strategy, and flawless execution.

Piqued yet?

Our Mission

Our mission is to take our decades of strategic marketing experience with large and small iconic brands and make it available to those who need it most.  Whether it's a long-term relationship or a special project, we can make an impact.

What exactly does


PP (003).png

pique [pek]


noun: To excite, arouse, or irritate*


Yes we admit we can irritate...because sometimes  telling you what you need to hear can hurt.

Let us conduct a FREE survey of your customers to learn what they are thinking!

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What's your problem?

"Everything is great! All my marketing is working the way I expect, and my business is exceeding all expectations."

-  no business ever

If you know your "problem" that is good news!

Or, maybe your "problem" is not knowing what your problem really is.

Either way, Pique is prepared to roll up our sleeves and address the issues that are holding your business back.

We’re pros who have dedicated our careers to leading brands, creating strategies & comprehensive integrated marketing.


Because of a common passion for this stuff,
we joined our talents to become a powerful force.


We’ve got decades of big brand & agency chops –
developing the strategies & brands for businesses like yours.


Our worlds collide where your business lives. 
We possess a unique blend of  brand and business management and top notch agency experience. This gives us an unmatched perspective.


We're lean & mean: creating strategic solutions
to elevate brands, deliver results & keep your bottom line in mind.

...Piqued yet?

Now that we've introduced ourselves...Who are You?

Do you need...

...strategy and a plan?


You know your business and understand the importance of marketing but need the experts to bring it to the next level

...a solution to a problem?


You have a business challenge, problem or obstacle but don't know how to address it.  You need help to identify the issue and provide a solution  

...flawless execution?


You generally feel good about your marketing efforts and you know what you want to do but need an expert to get it done

...a fresh perspective?


You have been on autopilot for a while and things are getting stale.  You need to inject  fresh thinking and fresh ideas to move the needle

Brand Experience

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